Senior Exhibition


Catalog Description: (prerequisite: ARTS 3000) This course addresses presentation strategies, exhibition history, logistics and skills that will lead to an on-campus exhibit. A document of the focused body of work and updated portfolio will be developed as a part of the course.




This capstone course will focus on the development of the senior thesis exhibition.  Students will acquire knowledge and skills for developing an exhibition from conceptual development, marketing and event planning, staging, display, installation, de-installation, and completion of artistic research. Students in this course will be provided studio space to develop a body of work. Students will be required to attend Exhibitions and Lectures throughout the semester. Students will exhibit a two-week Senior Thesis exhibition at the end of the semester and is required to update their websites, hand in a portfolio and attend a final critique with the faculty.


Janet Echelman found her true voice as an artist when her paints went missing -- which forced her to look to an unorthodox new art material. Now she makes billowing, flowing, building-sized sculpture.

Business Card


1. Design 3 Business Cards that represents you the most.

2. The standard business card is 2"x3.5"

3. It needs to be in color

4. You may use Photoshop, In Design or Illustrator

5. Print Color copies



1. Include your name, address, phone, website, email

2. Include image of your work

Pick one of your better selling prints, or an original piece of art from one of your more famous collections and include it on one side of your business card. If someone can’t remember your name or face, but remember your art, this can give them the reason they need to hold onto your card for future business.

3. Leave some blank space on the back

It offers a great place for notes. When giving someone a tip, referral, or other information, you can hand them one of your cards to write the information down on. They’ll keep the card and connect you as a person of value.


VIsta Print


Got Print

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