Instructor: Professor Hannah Israel
Course: ARTS4796 Thesis Exhibition
CRN: 20636
Classroom: Depot Art Studio Building (Individual Studios)

and Illges Gallery
Class time: Wednesday, 4:00 - 6:30 pm


Office Hours: By appointment, Virtual or Face to Face with Social Distance
Office:  Room 226 One Arsenal
Telephone: 706. 507. 8312

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Catalog Description: (prerequisite: ARTS 3000) This course addresses presentation strategies and

skills and leads to an on-campus exhibit and to documentation of a focused body of work.

Catalog Description: (prerequisite: ARTS 3000) This course addresses presentation strategies and skills and leads to an on-campus exhibit and to documentation of a focused body of work.


Objective: Objective: This course will address several of the issues and skills helpful in developing your senior thesis exhibition. Students will acquire knowledge and skills for developing an exhibition from marketing, staging, reception, presentation, and de-installation. Students will be required to create 5 – 7 artworks for the exhibition or works that would equal/reflect same ambition and quality.  Students are required to participate in studio visit with the instructor and several group critiques. Students will be required to attend Exhibitions and Lectures throughout the semester. Students are required to write a 2 – 4 thesis paper.  Students will exhibit for two weeks Senior Thesis exhibition at the end of the semester, is required to hand in a portfolio (includes images of recent works and statement) and attend a final critique with the faculty.


- Develop skills in creating a professional exhibition.  
- Develop skills in studio practice
- Enhance student’s ability to present work visually and orally to an audience.
- Develop a cohesive solo/group Senior Thesis exhibition.
- Develop a professional portfolio.

-Develop writing and documenting of artwork

Required Reading:

  • PDF Journal Readings are linked in your cougarview for the course

Time: Your success at learning is reliant on your attention, time, patience and practice. The more effort you give the process, the more you will learn.

50% Exhibition
20% Critiques and Participation
15% Website/Portfolio
15% Assignments


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